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Baltimore Feldenkrais Training Program Schedule *

The Feldenkrais Training Program of Baltimore features a combination of 4  weekend-oriented segments and two 10 day segments per year, designed to be convenient for people with jobs and families. Instead of requiring that students attend for one or two month-long training segments yearly, this program provides a mixture of convenient ‘weekend segments’ with a two longer 10 day segments spanning a weekend. The training program takes place gradually, over a span of four years. It will meet on a total of 160 days, or 40 days a year. Convenient make-up sessions will be provided to help students make up missed time.

The Feldenkrais Training Program of Baltimore will meet the high standards of accreditation set by the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America, meeting for a total of 800 hours.

WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THE *NEW* Training Program which starts August 4, 2017

Year One Schedule
August 2017 4-13, 2017
October 5-9
November 9-13
February 2018 1-5, 2018
March 16-25
June 21-25
Year Three Schedule
August 2019 2-11
October 3-7
November 7-11
February 2020 6-10, 2020
March 20-29
June 18-22

*Dates are subject to change. We intend to follow the above schedule, but unforeseen events may result in a change.

Year Two Schedule
August 2018 3-12
October 4-8
November 8-12
February 2019 7-11 , 2019
March/April 3/29-4/7
June 20-24
Year Four Schedule
August 2020 7-16
October 1-5
November 12-16
February 2021 4-8
April 9-18
June 15-20

Hours for the training

The first day of the segments will start mid afternoon and the last days will end mid afternoon. Normally the days will be scheduled 10-4:30

Hotel Information


This training program is held in a lovely, residential neighborhood in North Baltimore. It is a short distance to coffee shops and restaurants. The building is handicap accessible.

The Three Arts Club of Homeland ( pending contract)
4 Wyndhurst Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21210

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