The Enriched Feldenkrais Training Program

A special Feldenkrais Training Program featuring 20 extra days to help you explore the Feldenkrais Method in greater depth, study with more expert teachers, explore more areas of interest, and become a more capable and confidant Feldenkrais Practitioner.

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The Feldenkrais Training Program Experience

It’s a multi-layered adventure in human learning and improvement in which participants benefit personally, while developing the ability to help others. Participants experience an extraordinary variety of Feldenkrais exercises and many Feldenkrais treatments, as they study the theory and skills necessary to become effective as a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

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The Feldenkrais Method: Let Your Brain Help Your Body

The Feldenkrais Method is for everyone who wants to feel and function better. A brilliant synthesis of physics, biology, neurology and motor development, the Feldenkrais Method works in an empowering way; guiding your brain in a therapeutic learning process, to improve your body.

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The Student Body

Who participates in a Feldenkrais Method Training Program? Some people enroll seeking professional development, and to become a skilled and effective Feldenkrais Practitioner. Others join for personal growth, healing, and the opportunity to explore an exciting field of human learning and improvement.

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Beautiful Location

The Baltimore Training Program is conveniently located at the Three Arts Club of Homeland, in a comfortable neighborhood in North Baltimore. It is near Loyola college, Sherwood Gardens and the Cylburn Arboretum. It is within walking distance to coffee shops and restaurants.

Free Sample: Audio Recording of a Feldenkrais Method exercise

Recorded by David Zemach-Bersin.

Introduction and Awareness Through Movement Lesson #1

from David Zemach-Bersin and Elizabeth Beringer’s popular 2-volume CD set:

Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method